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Wish List

Throughout the season there will be bits and pieces that we need for the show, if you can help us with any of them it will help us keep costs down and provide an excellent cast experience.
If you can assist with any of these items and services, please contact our Deputy Producer, Cate-Linne  


A4 paper,
Extension cords x 2
Plug boards x 2
iPad x 2


Printed tear drop banners x 2
Vinyl printed banner to display at The Round


Boom speakers x 2
Music stands x 2 (strong and black)
Headsets x 2 


Businesses who want to become a supporter of our show: donate items for raffles (trivia night and theatre), program advertising, equipment, or offer support & expertise to help our production.


Do you know a business or source for: fruit, vegetables, bread, bread rolls, sausages, etc. 

Event Parties:

Do you know a DJ who could provide party music on 30 & 31 August?

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